Friday, September 30, 2016

Chromebook Tips

A big thanks to @rkiker for an awesome two days of google training at Google Bootcamp!  Here are some tips that might make your life a little easier as you try to navigate your Chromebook.

  • To get the right-click menu, click down on the touchpad once with two fingers.
  • The right-click menu will also appear if you click the ALT key and click the touchpad once.
  • To scroll up and down on a website use two fingers sliding on the touchpad.
  • To scroll between all open tabs move three fingers back and forth on the tabs.
If you use an app or website often you can pin it to your shelf which is the menu bar at the bottom of your screen.  Make sure the URL of the website you want to pin is in your Omnibox (address bar).  Go to the three vertical dots on the right side of the bookmark menu. Go to More Tools then Add to Shelf.  The icon for that site will appear on the shelf of your Chromebook.  

Another way to bookmark a site you use often is to Pin a Tab.  To do this, hover over the tab and right click.  From this menu select Pin Tab.  From now on when you open your Chrome browser on your Chromebook all pinned tabs will appear. 

I hope these tips and tricks help!  Send feedback my way!   

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