Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Three Tech Tools to Try

It was a great first day filled with a lot of meetings going over the terrific happenings in our district! Teachers are very interested in new tools they can use right away to help them integrate technology into their classrooms.  At the various technology overviews at each of our schools,  I highlighted the following tools that are a great place to jump in and start using tech!

Kahoot! is an awesome interactive tool that allows the teacher to set up either a quiz, survey, or discussion within their classes.  The students respond in real time allowing for feedback and debate. Click here to learn more and see Kahoot! in action!

Both Google Forms and Google Slides have new features that also allow for interactive student response.  Google Forms has a Quiz feature that allows teachers to create a quiz and give feedback while allowing students to have the chance to relearn subject matter and then retest.  Click the youtube video below to learn more about the basics of Google Forms.

This spring Google Slides came out with a new feature called Q&A.  Students can ask questions or respond to a teacher Slideshow by logging onto the Q&A URL.  Teachers get the student responses and can choose to share them with the class or address them individually.  There is even an anonymous feature if a student does not want others in class to know who asked the question.

Kahoot!, Google Slides Q&A, and Google Forms Quiz feature are just three of the many tools that can be easily integrated into any subject throughout the day!  Try one in your class and let me know how it goes!

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