Friday, September 2, 2016

Coffee on my Deck on the Last Days of Summer

This morning when I looked at my phone I realized the Calendar icon had a large, glaring '2' staring me in the face.  I blinked twice trying to register the number and its significance.  September 2 could only mean the end of summer and the beginning of another school year.  It can't be.  Where did the summer go? I decided to pull up my 'Summer Bucket List' as I sipped coffee on my deck feeling thankful that the date didn't read September 6.  I could sit a while and take in the sunshine.

I was so proud of myself in June.  I created two detailed lists in my Google Keep labeled, "Fun" and the other "School".  I love Google Keep.  Not only does it allow you to organize your lists with many helpful features, it will cross them off for you when you are finished.  Perfect!  I wanted  to organize my thoughts to keep me on track for the weeks ahead.  As I looked over the lists this morning I would say I achieved about half of what I set out to do.  Not bad.  I had set lofty goals that I knew would be hard to achieve.  Under the 'Fun' list I did pretty well.  I rode my bike through the Adirondacks.  I rowed on the creek every morning. The house was painted (why that is on the "fun" list I'm not sure). I paddle boarded many times and went on four very different, but all great vacations.  I would say my "Fun" list was a success.

Then I read my 'School' list.  I accomplished much of what I set out to do.  I organized and led the Chromebook Academy for all incoming 6th graders. I learned more about SMART software and Frontrow.  I did some Google training for staff.  I helped launch the middle school model classrooms with a PD on 21st Century Learning and Flexible Learning Spaces.  I read a lot of blogs to stay updated on all things Google and kept track of new technology on Twitter. However, on the top of my list were two items that seemed to stare back at me:  Start a technology blog and Develop an EdTech website   I stared at those for quite a while.  Two very big goals that lay on the paper untouched. Now what?  It is September 2 and my number 1 and 2 items cannot be crossed off.  That was when I sat at my counter with my coffee, my computer,  and my dog Charley and started to work in Sites and Blogger.  I'm a Google girl.  Did I have any other choice?

So here it is.  My first blog.  The debut of Bulldog Bytes.  A blog site focused on the educational technology needs of the staff and students in the South Glens Falls School District.  With this blog I plan to add videos, updates, cool things I find, awesome things happening in classrooms across our district, and anything else tech related.  Our district has been so fortunate to add hundreds of Chromebooks, infrastructure, software, apps, programs, and PD opportunities to our staff!  There are so many awesome things going on here! Let me know what you are thinking and be sure to brag about all the great things you are doing in your classrooms.  It's going to be a great year!

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