Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Video Recorder by 123Apps Makes Recording as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Many teachers have asked me to help them find an easy way to video record a student using the webcam but not the contents of the screen such as what you find on a Screencastify.  The Screencastify extension is a terrific way to record video and show a screen especially if your goal is to give step by step directions or to show what is on your screen to others and explain certain features.  If the purpose is to simply record and edit using the webcam, then I suggest trying Video Recorder by 123APPS.  This app is brought to you by the same group that created the easy to use Audio Recorder App.  In Video Recorder you can make a video straight from your webcam.  It can then be saved to your Google Drive and shared with others.  If you need to edit the video, you can do this within the edit feature of the app.  If you want more advanced edits, you can download it to YouTube and edit within the YouTube Editor.  Within YouTube Editor, you can add words, music, transitions, and can clip and connect multiple videos.  Screencastify, Video Recorder, and YouTube Editor are three terrific tech tools that can enhance presentation and classroom instruction.

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